Website Localization

website translationLocalization refers to the actions performed in order to modify a product to make it both usable and suitable to a target market. Therefore, English to Chinese Website localization is the process of transforming and adapting a website into Chinese according to Chinese culture orientation. It includes the look and the feel which is friendly to the Chinese customers.
Chinese website improves your company credibility and shows you are a truely international player. In addition, through the specific localization, the site demonstrates that you understand, and have value and respect for the particular country or region. In this sense, it is not only required to appear in correct Chinese but also in proper Chinese that can be understood by the vistors.
Our translators have web design knowledge and cross cultural communications skills, which ensure that your site has the greatest possible impact on the Chinese market. 


We found SMART translation service by sourcing and interviewing the translators from internet, Ellen equipped with her adequate knowledge in website programming and engineering has quickly localized our website, product catalog, and posters for our exhibition in Shanghai China. She has also worked out a reasonable price to meet our budget too. I highly recommend the service."

-Anya Hu, Managing Director, Shanghai MAE Tech-partner Co., Ltd.