SMART choice for Professional translation services in Israel!

Our main operation is from Singapore, the economic hub in Asia. The strategic location has brought us the most diversified projects and experiences. We are aware of the the growth in trade between Israel and China throughout the years, the bilateral trade already reached US $6.7 billion in 2010 and exceeded US $8 billion in 2011. We understand that Israeli companies are in great need in quality English Chinese translation to work with Chinese partners. We are here to help you to bridge the language barrier in China with our top north English Chinese two way translation.

Bottom line:  We provide value for money best quality translations in Israel. Some Israeli companies (on the left) have already benefited from our service. Contact us @050 85888 50 now to discuss your translation project!

We translate:

Technical documents in various industries

  • User guides,  Datasheets Patents, Safety data sheets
  • Training manuals, Press releases, Product catalogs, Labels and packaging
  • Plant and machinery, Installation procedures, Newsletters, Sales literature

Commercial documents

  • Advertising materials, Press ads, Brochures , Lecture handouts,  Annual reports, Contracts
  • Financial statements,  Newsletters, Leaflets, Press releases,  Account & banking docs,  Follow-up letters
  • E-mails, PowerPoint slides, Business plans

Legal Translation Services

  • Contracts, Agreement, Judgments, Charging orders, Powers of attorney, Loan agreements, Divorce proceedings,
  • Pleadings,Writs and summonses, Depositions, Acts and statutes, Rental agreements,
  • Wedding contracts, Certificates, Diplomas, Foreclosures, Court orders, Wills & probate docs.


We’re rolling out the questions you have translated this week in China. Great stuff. I love your translation so I’m sure to use your services for many of our projects.

Thanks a lot,
- Kay Khine, Learning and Development Manager, Harley-Davidson Asia Pacific Pte Ltd