Professional translation services ( To and From English)

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We have expertise in many areas. Here we just list a few examples of the documents that we can translate.There are a number of flexible working engagement options. We can work on word count jobs, project-based jobs to suit your needs, the scope of the task and your budget. SMART Translation will take on the complete project planning, management and execution or just the part that you need most.

Commercial documents

  • Advertising materials, Press ads, Brochures , Lecture handouts,  Annual reports, Contracts
  • Financial statements,  Newsletters, Leaflets, Press releases,  Account & banking docs,  Follow-up letters
  • E-mails, PowerPoint slides, Business plans

Certified translation (Notarised Translation available)

  • Birth certificates , Marriage certificates, Divorce certificates, University degrees, Diploma, Medical reports
  • Documents that needs to be certified for official use when you apply EP, WP, PR, school or job. Our certified translations follow the requirements of official authorities such as ICA, IRAS & LTA, MOM.

Technical documents in various industries

  • User guides,  Datasheets Patents, Safety data sheets
  • Training manuals, Press releases, Product catalogs, Labels and packaging
  • Plant and machinery, Installation procedures, Newsletters, Sales literature

Legal Translation Services

  • Contracts, Agreement, Judgments, Charging orders, Powers of attorney, Loan agreements, Divorce proceedings,
  • Pleadings,Writs and summonses, Depositions, Acts and statutes, Rental agreements,
  • Wedding contracts, Certificates, Diplomas, Foreclosures, Court orders, Wills & probate docs


We enjoyed the translation service by SMART Translation. They can always provide swift response to our calls and deliver quality translation service."

-Annie Song, Chief editor, Fortune times Singapore