What is SMART Translation?

SMART is simply a smooth name. However it can be elicited to the following meanings:

Swift: You always find you have last minute translation to be done, and you want a personal service that a translator work for you immediately. At SMART translation, we provide swift response to your request and deliver fast translation as if you have an language expert next to your table. Time is money, we help you to save it and even make more!

Maximum: We believe in maximum translation more than word to word literally translation. We will keep the maximum power of the original language to targeting translation. Despite it will be translated into Chinese, your powerful marketing materials will not be weakened, your technical strength will not be reduced.

Accurate: We translate what we know and we don't pretend to translate what we don't know. We understand the pain of "lost in translation", Our translators don't use machine translation without understanding the context. So you can rely on us putting in heart and expertise by going through words by words to ensure the accuracy. You are all set with our translations.

Reliable: We understand you have many worries before you select a translation service. We guarantee your project will be assigned to professional NATIVE translators, hence you are in good hands. We offer you FREE and continuous language support and consultancy within a period of 30 days of delivering. Your privacy of documents will be secured as we have signed a strict non-disclosure agreement with our translators. 

Technical translation: Except for quality translation for general translations, Technical translation is our specialization and forte. Our translators are Master and PhD degree holders with strong academia training and Industry experience. Other than laughing off our chairs at the inaccurate technical articles we read daily, we feel the urge to get the correctness in technical translation, which is our passion and mission. We have never failed satisfying customers with our excellent grasp of subject matter and technical knowledge in the last 10 years, and we are confident to satisfy your translation needs from all technical backgrounds.